Dangers of Electronics Cigarettes

Dangers of Electronics Cigarettes

Dangers of Electronics Cigarettes

Electronics cigarettes will be the latest rage among teens. The electric cigarettes that have flooded the market are not your traditional cigarettes. They do not contain any tobacco, and so are simply gadgets that mimic the appearance and feel of a normal cigarette. You can get them anywhere from your local supermarket to your online store. Some people are against these cigarettes, because they are known as a gateway drug. Are the new cigarettes bad for your wellbeing?

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There is absolutely no doubt that smoking generally is very dangerous. But smoking can kill you or at least make you feel miserable, rather than kill you. It could also lead to other health issues. Smoking can result in lung cancer and emphysema. Smoking also decreases your life expectancy.

But there are good things about the electric cigarettes, too. Nicotine patches are available for smokers who would like to slowly wean themselves off cigarettes, without completely quitting. Electric cigarettes do not cause tooth decay, like tobacco cigarettes do. These cigarettes are safer to use, because there is no tobacco or tar used.

Also, this type of cigarette is not as addictive as other Disposable Vape types. People who smoke cigarettes aren’t addicted to the nicotine, but to the habit. They find it hard to give up, despite the fact that they really want to. Electric cigarettes make giving up easier. Also, there are numerous flavors available, so people do not get bored with them, which makes them more likely to continue smoking.

There are two types of electronic cigarettes. One is a patch, that includes a nicotine delivery system included in the patch. This type of patch is placed on your skin, and nicotine is sent to the body by vaporizing in to the blood stream. The other kind of electronic cigarette is a gum. A gum comes in a variety of different flavors, and nicotine is delivered to your body through the gums.

Both forms of cigarettes reduce smoking. But people who smoke heavily, or are ex-smokers, may find that they enjoy the taste of one type of cigarette more than the other. It may be different for every individual. But in any event, the smoker benefits, because it reduces their urge to smoke.

It really is harder to smoke with one of these cigarettes because they do not produce any smoke. Some people report that they do not smell like tobacco smoke at all. Also, they’re smaller in proportions than traditional cigarettes, concerning the size of a regular pack of cigarettes.

There are some health risks associated with both these products. Since electronic cigarettes usually do not release any actual nicotine, the associated risks of nicotine addiction won’t be the same as traditional cigarettes. However, you’ll be able to become addicted to the electric cigarettes without ever having smoked a normal cigarette. It is also possible for the smoker to become addicted to the gum, if he or she does not quit after taking the electronic cigarette. Also, many adolescents and children have grown to be especially interested in these cigarettes because they do not have any negative unwanted effects.

One of many dangers of traditional cigarettes is cancer. The smoke out of this type of cigarette is quite dangerous. It may cause some throat irritation, coughing, and chest pain. Additionally, it may cause some severe complications and side effects, especially in smokers who have certain types of diseases.

The next danger of electronic cigarettes is that they are not very good for you. Studies show that electronic cigarettes do not help you stop smoking. Actually, they may make your trouble worse. You may end up getting many diseases because of smoking.

Thirdly, the user has to change his / her mind about quitting smoking. The individual will have to be sure that he or she wants to quit smoking. If not, it will be extremely difficult to give up smoking with the electric cigarettes. The smoker should be absolutely convinced that he / she does not desire to smoke anymore.

Fourthly, there are several cases when folks have become addicted to electronic cigarettes. They find it difficult to get rid of them. Most of them become so addicted to these cigarettes that they really need to smoke them even if they are already on the 3rd day of these detoxification process. In fact, there were a few cases when people have started smoking just to kill their boredom also to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.